Please be advised that Parabellum predominantly funds whistleblower suits related to systemic frauds against the federal and state governments.  We do not fund personal or family matters. | 212.204.7911



Parabellum provides risk-free capital to enable whistleblowers to fight fraud.

Whistleblowers serve a critical role in our justice system.  However, holding bad actors accountable can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing.  

Parabellum can help.  We provide non-recourse funding for whistleblowers.  This means that we recover nothing unless your case is successful.  Our risk-free capital can be used to fund:

  • Attorneys' fees and other legal costs
  • Living expenses
  • Business expenses

Parabellum guides whistleblowers through the process – from the identification of fraud, through prevailing in a lawsuit.

To begin the legal process, whistleblowers often do not know where to turn.  The internet contains a wealth of information - yet it can easily be overwhelming, and the sources of the information are often unclear.

To maximize the chances of a meaningful recovery, it is critical to have experienced guidance by your side.  At Parabellum, we offer a multitude of resources to whistleblowers, including:

  • Introductions to law firms specializing in qui tam actions
  • Opportunities to speak with experienced whistleblowers that have obtained millions of dollars in settlements
  • Case and strategy analysis

Put Parabellum's resources behind your cause.

Contact us using the form on the right if you have a whistleblower claim.  We fund the full spectrum of qui tam actions, including fraud related to:

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Government contracts, grants, and overcharges
  • Tax and accounting
  • Securities