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Untapped Litigation Finance Opportunities in Bankruptcy

I’m pleased to share with you a short podcast I recorded with Debtwire focusing on bankruptcy and litigation finance. My basic point in the podcast is straightforward but important: litigation finance has vast potential to be helpful and relevant in a far ...


What Sets Litigation Funders Apart?

5 Factors to Consider As litigation funding becomes mainstream, a new litigation funder seems to open nearly every week.  Indeed, Google searches for “litigation funding” and “litigation finance” yield dozens of ads by various entities seeking to invest in ...


Arbitration Can Be Expensive

Arbitration is an extremely popular mechanism for the resolution of commercial disputes.  One of the main advertised benefits of arbitration is that it is more cost-effective than traditional litigation.  While this is often true, it does not mean that ...


Retaining Options Before Retaining Counsel

The Benefits of Working with Parabellum as Early in the Litigation Process as Possible Your company has a sizeable legal claim.  So shouldn’t you call an attorney first, and a litigation funder later?  While it may seem counterintuitive, retaining counsel ...


Preparing to Speak to Parabellum About Your Claims

Your business has a legal claim.  As you prepare for your first call with us (post-NDA), please review our guide so that our conversation can be as efficient as possible.